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High-calorie and sugary drinks contribute to weight gain; excessive weight and obesity greatly increase the risk of getting many types of cancerDrinking sodas and other sugary drinks increase your chances of getting cancer Having a second pair of ears to listen for information and someone who may be thinking more clearly about questions or concerns is a great ideaAttend all doctor's appointments with loved ones who are dealing with cancer monster beats headphones monster beats headphones A person who is depressed may give in to the illnessDepression affects your physical health as well as your state of mind; it may even accelerate cancer growth monster beats headphones Try to be honest and open Some folks might think that your cancer is contagious and even prevent you from remaining in the workforceA lot of people are ignorant or rely on outdated information about cancer and do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day to ward off cancer and live a better life drink water Get plenty of veggies and fruits has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer and getting plenty of exercise maintaining a healthy weight and dietIn addition to making you feel great in your daily life

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